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Frequently Asked Questions

Polybutylene Facts

PolyButylene supply piping systems have a checkered past. This type of plumbing has proven itself to be more prone to leakage than other types of supply piping systems, such as copper.

Things to look for:

  • If the home has a plastic piping system, a designation such as "non-metallic plumbing system" is supposed to be permanently written in the building electrical panel. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.
  • Often, homes that have polybutylene piping will also have a pressure regulator installed. While not conclusive, this can be an indicator.
  • In the attic you have the best chance of seeing the piping system. If the insulation does not fully cover the piping, it may be visible as a blue or gray plastic piping.
  • Supply valve areas at individual fixtures are often loose at the wall in polybutylene systems. Give the piping a gentle pull to see if the piping is secured or loose. With experience, you can often determine if the system is plastic or a more rigid metallic piping system.